More games that sudoku players should try.

Here is a collection of high quality games that I hope will stimulate the same parts of your brain that playing sudoku does! I have played and hand picked these from one of the largest internet games websites in the world. Each game is free to play online.

Brain Challenge

This brain game tests and trains your mental muscles with over 20 games in the categories of Memory, Visual, Logic, Match, and Focus. Definitely an entertaining way to get your brain juices flowing!


Bookworm is a fantastic word game. Help Lex the worm battle opponents by building words from the grid of letters. Each time you create a word you damage your foe until they are defeated. It's simple, it's sweet and it's surprisingly fun.

World Mosaics

I think of this game as though it were a visual version of sudoku. Using similar logic skills that sudoku puzzles use, the goal of the game is to recreate images hidden within a grid. Great for those who want an new game that uese their brain.

Download World Mosaics Here

Fairway Solitaire

Without a doubt the most engrossing solitaire game I have played. A must for all solitaire game fans.

Play Fairway Solitaire Here

Jigsaw World

Have a relaxing time putting together jigsaw puzzles. Vibrant pictures, tons of puzzles and easy controls make Jigsaw World one of the best jigsaw games available.

Download Jigsaw World Here

Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom

A beautiful edition of the classic tile matching game. As you progress through the game, a wonderfully illustrated story is told.

Download Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom Here